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Public Programs

First Thursdays

The Color of Black and White

August 1, 2019 Opening event with Jeff Lee, photographer of the exhibition, The Color of Black and White: The Lens of Two Generations, which features the evocative landscapes by Jeff Lee and his father, Eugene Lee.

Allen Q. Wong: Man Of Letters

June 6, 2019  The First Thursday opening of Allen Q. Wong: Man of Letters, an exhibition of fifteen beautiful compositions of English letters and Chinese characters formed in brush work and script by acclaimed calligrapher Allen Wong.

Descendent Threads - Artist Panel Discussion

November 1, 2018 A conversation led by curator Horatio Law, with the artists of Descendent Threads, Ellen George, Lynn Yarne, and Roberta May Wong.

Descendent Threads

October 4, 2018 The First Thursday opening of Descendent Threads, an exhibition curated by Horatio Law that celebrates the diverse mixed-media works created by three contemporary Asian American women artists, Ellen George, Roberta Wong and Lynn Yarne.

Dean Wong, Made in Chinatown USA: Portland

September 6, 2018  Closing event for the Portland Chinatown Museum inaugural show, Made in Chinatown, USA: Portland, featuring photographs and texts by acclaimed Seattle Chinatown photographer Dean Wong.