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Where Are You From: An Anthology of Asian American Writing



What does it mean to be an Asian American in the 21st century?

In mainstream America, clichéd stereotypes about Asian people as model minorities, asexual techno-geeks, hypersexual dragon ladies, perpetual foreigners, or Yellow Peril “threats” continue to persist—though they are frequently concealed behind politically correct slogans like colorblindness and diversity.

Where Are You From?: An Anthology of Asian American Writing challenges these viewpoints. The writings and art in this anthology envision Asian American identity, culture, and politics on our own terms, through our own experiences and unique perspectives.

Incorporating a diverse range of personal essays, stories, critical articles, poems, art, and other work, this anthology seeks to express the truth of our lived realities and to give voice to an Asian America that is frequently marginalized by society.

The very title of our book—Where Are You From?—questions the common prejudice often expressed by the majority culture that Asian Americans are alien or foreign to the USA. In the words of Lawson Inada, we want to tell people where we come from—where we’re really from.


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Book Title:
Where are You From: An Anthology of Asian American Writing
Larry Yu, Valerie Katagiri, Byron Wong, and Thymos
Portland: Authors Copyright, 2012


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