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East Meets West



Mae Yih made history in 1976 when she became the first Chinese-American woman ever elected to a state legislative chamber in the United States. She would eventually serve for six years in the Oregon House of Representatives and twenty years in the Oregon Senate, earning a reputation for hard work, honesty, integrity, and as a public servant who fought tirelessly for the interests of her constituents and her legislative district. In “East Meets West” Yih shares the remarkable story of her privileged childhood in China, her immigration to America shortly before the Communist revolution, the events that led to her successful political career, and the priorities that were at the center of her legislative service.

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Book Title:
East Meets West:
A Bridge to Understanding, Friendship, Trust, Peace and
Prosperity Between my Mother and Adopted Countries
Mae Yih
Hardcover, Printed and Bound in China
Copyright Mae Yih, 2017


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