Dean Wong: The Future of Chinatown: Decisive Moments
October 16, 2021 - March 2022 An exhibition of original photography depicting gentrification and displacement in four West Coast Chinatowns. This is part of a place-based initiative, Finding Chinatown, comprising a series of virtual and live events and public programs planned for 2022.


Dean Wong is an artist based in Seattle, Washington. Born and raised in Seattle's Chinatown, he has photographed his community for over 40 years. His book, Seeing the Light: Four Decades In Chinatown, earned the Before Columbus Foundation's American Book Award in 2017. He has photographed Chinatowns in Seattle, Vancouver B.C., San Francisco, Oakland, New York, and Portland.

"My primary motivation as an artist is to capture life in the Chinatowns of America as I see it. I'm a street photographer, capturing moments in life other don't see. As an artist, I also paint and sketch scenes of interest to me. The theme of my art is Chinese America."

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