Re:Generation – Manifesting at the Peach Blossom Spring
Opening November 9, 2023 In Re:Generation – Manifesting at the Peach Blossom Spring, artists Lark Pien, Josh Sin, and Yuyang Zhang braid generations of Pacific Northwest Chinese immigrant history with their personal narratives to reveal the complex and nuanced psychological landscape of being ethnic Chinese living in America.

Drawing resonance from a 5th-century Chinese fable of encountering the transitory/illusionary Peach Blossom Spring utopia and early Chinese migration to Gold Mountain (America), each artist pursues their personal utopia in their work, exploring a variety of topics from daily encounters to world-building designs, and political satires.

With each resident artist representing very different personal and professional backgrounds and approaches to art, they deploy both traditional and new media to create work that is a feast for the senses - engaging our imagination and intellect that is at once intimate, expansive, immersive, and provocative.

About the Artists

Lark Pien is a cartoonist, colorist, and author-illustrator of three children’s books, and over thirty short stories for comic anthologies and pamphlet style comics. A contributor to the young readers’ SundayHaha.com and Illustoria magazine, Lark is best known for her characters Long Tail Kitty and Mr. Elephanter.

Joshua (Josh) Sin is a Canadian artist and designer living in Portland, Oregon. He centers his practice around design fiction and world-building; using artifacts, textiles, and character design to express and question our hopes and fears about the future.

Yuyang Zhang is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Portland, Oregon. His collages and paintings are staged fictions that combine historical propaganda archives, personal photographs, pop cultural references, and digital iconographies.

PCM's artist-in-residency program was made possible in part by the generous support of the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) Creative Heights Initiative.