Oregon Chinese Diaspora Project
October 16 - November 27, 2022 The Oregon Chinese Diaspora Project is an award-winning grassroots local/state/federal partnership that was conceived and initiated in underserved rural communities in southern and eastern Oregon. Although embedded in local communities, it includes an ambitious public education component that reaches a state-wide audience, and beyond. The research generated through these public archaeology projects is helping to update and center the history of the Chinese diaspora and Chinese Oregonians in the development of the State. OCDP partners each leverage their limited individual resources and local relationships into an extraordinary program using new approaches and imaginative problem solving to promote the appreciation of Oregon’s diverse and multifaceted cultural heritage.

As a proud community partner, the Portland Chinatown Museum is pleased to present a pop-up exhibition highlighting OCDP's invaluable contributions to recovering and preserving Oregon's rural Chinese American history. Visitors will learn more about OCDP projects, watch videos about Oregon's Chinese American history through an archaeological lens, and view historical objects uncovered from recent projects.

This exhibition was made possible with the support of the Oregon Chinese Diaspora Project, Chelsea Rose, Jacqueline Cheung, and Eric Gleason.