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Illuminating Time
November 10, 2022 - January 2023 Illuminating Time represents the work of the 2022 PCM Artists-in-Residence and their efforts reaching out across time and space, to Chinese communities past and present. Through poetry, ink/paint, and movement, the artists uncover, illuminate, and celebrate the lives and work of current and historical Chinese individuals and communities, from Old Town Chinatown to Tanner Creek and Eastern Oregon. And in the process, the resident artists create an emotional resonance that connects us to the lives of those communities, transcending the hardship and discrimination they faced during their time.

Alex Chiu
Alex Chiu is a Chinese-American painter and muralist currently living in Portland, OR. With a background in illustration and comics, he approaches public artwork as a form of visual storytelling. Much of his artwork involves incorporating community input and collaboration. The goal of his work is to accurately document local history and help communities to process cultural identity through a creative process.

Sam Roxas-Chua 姚
Roxas-Chua 姚 (Yao)’s work is an on going conversation between poetry, open-form calligraphy (asemic writing), audio field recording, and other various mediums. He is a transracial/transcultural adopted person whose writing and art has been called an imagination baked in emotion and referred to as tidal in formation. His work with the Portland Chinatown Museum has taken him all around Oregon to have close dialogues with individuals who hold crucial knowledge about Chinese diaspora.

From burning historical wood remnants and collecting excavated charcoal to make calligraphy ink, to recording ambient sounds of historical places such as Kam Wah Chung, Wing Hong Hai, and Chinese mining sites, he contributes a narrative which invites new paradigms of listening, thought, and understanding.

Shu-Ju Wang
Shu-Ju Wang is a painter and book artist. Multiple voices and viewpoints are the cornerstones of her work, a reflection of her personal history of migration and background in technology, science and art. It is a balancing act of the analytical vs. meditative modes of creating, of re-imagining traditional motifs in a contemporary context, and of understanding our stories as a relationship between narration vs. interpretation.

Artist Residency Director and Show Curator
Horatio Law
Horatio Law is a Public Art and Installation Artist in the Pacific Northwest whose work is place-based and community-centered. He works with diverse communities to create collaborative installations and public art to explore the meaning of community in the evolving global culture.

PCM's Artist Residency program was made possible with the generous support of the Oregon Community Foundation.