Bue Kee: An Artist’s Life and Legacy

Photo curation by Dan W. Kee, Dennis Tong, and Roberta Wong. Digital compilation provided by Gregory Fox, DRGdigital.


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Bue Kee’s albums provide a rare and beautiful insider’s glimpse into his Oregon from the 1910s – 1940s: friends and families in Portland Chinatown, hops farming in Clackamas County, attending the Portland Art Association’s Museum Art School (opened in 1909, now known as Pacific Northwest College of Art), making ceramics at the Oregon Ceramic Studio and working during the Great Depression with the Works Progress Administration’s (W.P.A.) Federal Art Project at Timberline Lodge and Tongue Point Naval Station.


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Bue Kee

Hong Kee and Ming Kee

May Kee Jann

Ruth Kee

Ted Kee

Myrtle Kee and Wilson Kee

Bue Kee's Parents


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Museum Art School (Portland)

Art School Friends

Working with Clay at Museum Art School

Bue Kee

Plates for Opera by Bue Kee

Bue Kee's Work at the Portland Art Museum

Bue Kee, OWL, 1939.

Bue Kee, THE LANE, 1939.

Sculpting Models

Bue Kee's Ceramics at Timberline Lodge

Bue Kee at Timberline Lodge


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Kee House and Sheds

Hop Fields

Hop Yard

Bue Kee with Hop Basket

Kee as Foreman

Bue and Ming Kee with Hop Workers

Bue Kee's Siblings and Friends

Learn more about the Kee Family and the role of Chinese-Americans in shaping Oregon's hops industry

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